Hi, I'm Marcin Zgoda,
a Szczecin based Senior UX/UI Designer.

+48 502 608 236 / mdzgoda@gmail.com

Currently working for IdoSell.com

What about me?
My experience with design started 18 years ago with designing album covers and creating websites for various music bands and projects that I was taking part in. Soon I was taking jobs for business clients, and design became my work. But I was always very interested in psychology and have analytic mind, so I had no interest in creating flashy websites. Instead my goal, maybe even passion, was to explore the power of minimalism, to master the composition and to understand how we see websites to make them more and more readable, easy to navigate, and functional. This attitude led me to work for online shop, then to co-create a creative agency and finally to work for the biggest ecommerce software provider in Poland.

Beside my career as a designer I am composing and producing music and film a little. In my free time I'm very interested in contemporary arts, political science, fashion, fragrances and my silly cats.

Current position: Senior UX/UI Designer, IdoSell (2013 - present)
I have started to work for IAI and its platform for online stores IdoSell Shop as an already experienced designer with some knowledge about e-commerce. From the beginning I dealt with individual and team projects for online stores which included designing and coding, also branding, logo design, creating advertising materials, as well as presenting final projects to clients. With this last responsibility I chose the strategy of discussing many aspects of the projects with clients to get the best possible solutions, rather than just include the list of given amendments which was common for graphic designers. This resulted in obtaining valuable information from people running online stores about their experience with e-customers and ideas on how to improve existing functionalities and what novelties to introduce. Increasing the quality of stores in this way drew the attention of managers, thanks to which I was assigned to design the largest and most complex stores, train new employees, and to improve the company's website. By presenting my competences in the field of user experience design, I was assigned to Development Team to improve and design new system functionalities and basic store functions. Last year I was assigned to work together with product owner and teams of frontend and backend developers as Conversion Lab where I conceptualize, prototype and design solutions to maximize the conversion in online shops, using the data gathered from A/B tests and user research, as well as planning these tests.

Beside working with Conversion Lab, recently I work on refining UX in shops for IdoSell clients and teaching other employees in this regard. I've also co-created, organized and conducted DesignCamp workshops, a free entrace event to share UI and UX knowledge with beginner designers. Event's major success and efficiency helped to put the next edition of DesignCamp on the calendar in the near future.

Previous positions
Lead Designer / Web Developer, Black on White - Creative Agency (2011 - 2013)
Graphic Designer / Web Developer, Multideco (2010 - 2011)
Graphic Designer, Wlab - Interactive Agency (2009-2010)
Freelancing Graphic Designer (2004 - 2015)

User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Branding & Identity
Web Development
Video editing

English - TELC B1 Business
Polish - Native